Libra Women & How to Attract Them!

Libra Woman-

A Libra woman is dynamic and confident by nature. She is the alpha female amongst all the zodiac signs. They are very passionate and ambitious in their life. These women are born with a pleasing personality and they are very graceful and elegant. However, they are also known to be very fiery and dual natured. These women are always striving hard and they are pre-occupied in achieving balance and perfection in every sphere of their life. A Libra woman is a perfect mix of charm, gracefulness and intelligence. They can be in the literal sense regarded as ‘Beauty with Brains”.  They have their own opinions and strongly abide by them. They are aware of their strength and weaknesses and accordingly portray their persona to the outer world. They are very intelligent and witty by nature. They are completely practical and diplomatic by nature and hence they will always have practical and diplomatic solutions and answers to give. These women love to be surrounded by materialistic things and luxuries. They totally love creature comforts. They also like flirting a lot. They can be very funny and witty while flirting.  As friends, they are the best people to hang out with. Be it for a cup of coffee, night-outs at your place or simply partying, they are the people you can have real fun with. They avoid arguments and confrontations. When they fall in a relationship, they will see to it that they don’t dominate. At the same time they won’t like to be dominated by their partner. They will strive for a balanced relationship.

How to attract a Libra woman-

 To attract a Libra woman, you literally need to stand out from the rest of the guys. These women are naturally attractive and they are surrounded by people giving them undivided attention. Hence, you have to be highly visible. Always pay attention to what she is speaking. Be her best friend first and then she will slowly confide in you. These women are also known for their fashion sense. Hence always dress well and look at your best. Dress to impress is what goes with these women to attract them. These woman notice minute details in a guy over the efforts he is putting to impress her. Never try to be too loud, rude or over aggressive with them. Being polite and congenial will surely help you out.  Surprise her with some luxurious gift or take her to a classy event and romantic dinners. She will be totally floored, as she likes good things in life. Flirt with her, be naughty, showing her your charm and wit. But make sure that your flirting does not goes to a level where she thinks you are a pervert. You should also be very open-minded by nature to attract them as they dislike men who are narrow minded. Court them and give them the attention which they are seeking for. It is okay to be a little over-romantic with them as they like such gestures. Let them know how much efforts you are putting and they will be all the more attracted towards you.

Famous Libra Women-  Alicia Silverstone , Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Camilla Belle, Candice Swanepoel, Carrie Fisher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Christina Milian


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