Taurus Man & How to Attract Them!

Taurus Man-

Taurus men are completely bold, aggressive and practical people you will ever come across. They are honest and straightforward and they will never mince their words while expressing themselves. They are true to themselves and the world. They will never portray a fake personality to someone.  For these men, financial comforts and stability are the top priority in their life. They are completely hard working individuals who are very much ambitious and passionate about achieving good thing in life. They are very protective and caring of their family. For them, their family is the sole purpose of their existence. They work hard only to see their family satisfied and their children happy. They are known to be temperamental at times. Occasional shots of temper and over aggression are regularly found in these guys because of the bull elements in their sun sign. They are bold and fiery in their approach towards their life. They are one of the most loyal and honest people too. Once they are in a relationship, they will never lie or ditch their partner. They will be extremely serious and committed towards their partner. Even as friends, they are very dependable and reliable. They will be protective and will always stand like a rock during your tough times. They are also damn loyal towards their best friends. They are very determined and focused set of individuals who will never lose their track or vision. At the same time because of their protective nature, they can be really possessive towards their loved ones. Being over-possessive for people is their biggest weakness which hurts them.

How to attract a Taurus man-

To attract a Taurus guy, you should be very confident in your approach. You should be able to create an air of mystery around him. A Taurus guy likes women with feminism. Simply just be a woman, show your cute girly and feminine side to him and he will be more attracted towards you. Be clean and organized because at the end of the day, these guys like woman who are homemakers too. To attract this guy, you should also be very honest and expressive. You should be able to win his trust and love by being honest and loyal towards them. You should freely express yourself to them and they will appreciate this quality in a woman. Always be practical and diplomatic with these guys as it will help you create a good impression with them. Also be sensual and sexy, make them want more of you. Show your sexiness and sensuality in minor gestures or talks because these guys love cozy, sensual and intimate atmosphere around them. They also like surprises which includes dinner dates, so occasionally surprise them with a dinner date at a classy restaurant. Taurus guys are dominating and they like to take the lead because of the bull element in their sun sign. Respect them as a leader and let them take the lead. Respect their mindset and be patient with these guys in matter of love & never try to rush with them.

Famous Taurus Personalities-

John Cena, Chris Brown, Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham.



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