The Intense Scorpio Men & How to Attract Them!

Scorpio Man-

A Scorpio man is full of underlying passion and intensity. These guys are very serious by nature and have intense eyes. It is said that these guys talk through their eyes more than their tongue. They are full of calm exterior and you will never find them under any restlessness or in panic. They are also very diplomatic people who are very cautious by nature. They don’t like doing things which are too risky. They are quiet and intelligent people who are also very resourceful but won’t show off to the world. They are a little bit secretive by nature and they have a tendency to hide things from their closed ones. They are also found to be very competitive by nature and will try their best to outnumber everyone in every aspect of life. Because of that nature, they are also found to be jealous at times. They are stable like rock and they are also found to be unemotional at times. They are very much self reliable but they depend on others as love and emotional support is considered. At the same time they like to take control of the situation and they dislike others interfering in their matters. They are not very social but they do have their own group of good and loyal friends. These guys are not only very competitive by nature but also very focused and ambitious towards their goals. They don’t mind toiling hard to achieve their dreams. As friends, apart from their occasional streaks of jealousy they will be completely loyal and you can have the best conversations with them over a drink. As lovers, they are intensely passionate and deep.

How to attract a Scorpio man-

To attract a Scorpio man, you have to be very much in sync with his thoughts and behavior. You should be able to recognize the personality traits of a Scorpio in order to understand them. In order to attract them, you have to act naturally in front of them. Scorpions quickly notice fake personalities. You should also be trustworthy and loyal to win their hearts. When it comes to the matter of love, they are not very expressive but they would expect it from others to be vocal about their feelings towards them. Scorpio guys also love elegant and classy woman who can be sensual at the same time. These guys also love stimulating and long conversations. So you should possess the ability to talk and also listen to what they have to say. They like it when woman is a little bit hard to get. Create an air of mystery around yourself, show your feminine and sexy side and open in portions to them. You will soon notice they will be willing to come close to you. These guys are intense and passionate, share some intense emotional secrets with them and they will feel special and flattered that someone is willing to share such things with them.  Even though this is obvious, but it applies a lot to these guys by giving them your undivided attention and love.


Famous Scorpio Personalities- Drake, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tyga, Bill Gates!


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